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Birthday Parties, Weddings, Bar-Mitzvah, Bat-Mitzvah, Social events.

Supervising a group of children around water, such as at a pool party, is particularly difficult. It may be hard to see all areas of the pool, with pool toys and splashing water impeding vision. Different children have different swimming abilities and you may not be aware of the skill level of each child you are supervising. It is also easy to get distracted by a child or another party guest, diverting your attention from the children in the pool area.

Conventions & Conferences, Retreats, Holiday parties,  Client functions, Product launches and work parties

The biggest risk with corporate events is adults are consuming alcohol in close proximately to a pool or other hazardous water areas.

Group Pool Party
Teenagers in Library

Talks and presentations, Campaigns, CSR & CSI projects, Expos, Skills training 

Drowning prevention is particularly important because drowning can happen in any body of water at any time to anyone. Proper supervision for children is important in any water situation, including the bathtub. In order to prevent these, people need to know how to prevent drowning from occurring. However, many parents or the person that supervises their kids, such as an au pair or domestic worker don't  have the knowledge or skills.

Pools, School Holidays, Holiday programs, water sports.

People relax at hotels pools and pool bars by themselves or with friends and relatives for various purposes. Here most people drink alcohol supplied by the hotel or pool bar. No hotel and pool bar owner would want any guest to drown on their premises. Hence, they must give serious attention to water safety especially in busy seasons such as school holidays. 

Poolside Hotel
Diving Board

Gym pools, Diving boards, Synchronised swimming, water sports 

Our lifeguards do not only serve for people that can't swim or struggle to swim.  Water is a dangerous element for even the most experienced swimmers. Placing lifeguards at pools and fitness centres eliminates the threat of drowning due to other related factors.  such as strokes, heart attacks and exhaustion.

Which has been seen in the past.

School holidays, Weekends 

During weekends and school holidays, many parents let their kids go to the pool unsupervised. The risk with this is that the pool gets very busy and uncontrollable due to the lack of parents supervision kids tend to try new and dangerous things. We provide lifeguards during the school holidays and weekend to complex's and estates to control and monitor the pool. 


Water slides, Water Rides, Wave pools, Lazy Rivers 

Water park safety is a partnership between parents and parks. Parents should always directly supervise their children, especially if children are young or weak swimmers. However, if the correct water safety and drowning prevention is not in place it can be the sole liability and responsibility of waterparks.